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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WedUploader really free?

Absolutely! WedUploader is free to use for you and your guests. We don't store any of the files so it doesn't cost us anything so we don't charge you.

How do I share my unique WedUploader website with my guests?

We tried to make it super easy whether you want to share your WedUploader electronically, by hardcopy, or both. After you create your WedUploader, navigate to your unique site. Then copy the URL from the URL bar or click the hamburger button in the top left corner and you'll be presented with the option to copy the URL. You may then paste your WedUploader URL into an email to guests, on your wedding website, and on social media. Lastly, if you would like to create a QR code for you to print onto place cards to hand out at the wedding then we suggest using the free service QR Code Monkey.

If WedUploader doesn't store the files, where are the pictures and videos sent?

When friends and family upload files, WedUploader transfers those files directly to your Google DriveTM. You'll have full ownership of every picture and video from your big day!

How will I know when someone uploads a picture or video?

WedUploader sends a notification email whenever new files are uploaded indicating the file name and the folder within your Google Drive the files are stored.

Is there a limit to the amount of pictures and videos my guests can upload?

WedUploader has no limits to the amount of pictures or videos your guests may upload however, the limiting factor is the amount of storage in your Google Drive. Google provides 15 GB of free storage which is the equivilent of more photos than your guests can take plus over 90 minutes of video clips.

What if I need more storage space than is currently allotted for my Google Drive?

The free solution would be to download and save all the files from your Google Drive to your computer then delete the copy on Google Drive. An alternative would be to increase the storage capacity of your Google Drive to 100GB for $2/month which you can cancel anytime if you decide to eventually download and save all the files to your computer.

I'd like to collect photos and videos from not just my wedding but engagement party and showers too, any suggestions?

We recommend you create different WedUploaders for each event so you can organize the memories. Under a single login, you'll have the option to create multiple WedUploaders which you can give a name based on the occasion. Then just email everyone the link for the WedUploader for the engagement party, then email the shower link, etc. All the pictures and videos your friends and family upload will then go to the folder you setup.